Monday, 11 June 2018

The Final Abel

10th June 2018

Stacks Bluff

With a fine forecast, an impromptu group of 12 family and friends, and great excitement we left our cars at the parking area near Storys Creek and jovially headed up the trail towards my final un-climbed Abel. I could hardly believe it was was happening, and it still hasn't fully sunk in. We were a mixed group of walkers, and as we left nice and early we had plenty of time to walk and talk in comfort. After some time in the beautiful forest, we abruptly arrived at the scree slope leading up to the plateau. The rocks were very frosty and we took our time, with some of the faster party members climbing nearby large piles of rocks for better views. After the final, steep push up a gully of scree we were on the plateau and heading across the easy (but somewhat icy and wet) flat terrain. We kept following the cairns and braided path up one more small push. Then the summit was in view. Chevi and I forged off to the top, I was almost at a run by the time I got there. I let out a loud 'YA-HOOOO!' and heard a chorus of yipeeing and yahooing from those who were close behind. I stood there, on Stacks Bluff, and cried. What an amazing feeling. One by one the others joined me at the top for hugs and photos. I then lugged out a carton of Van Dieman Brewing 'Stacks Bluff' stout from my bag and we all had a celebratory round. We spent a good while on top, having lunch and enjoying the fine view. I coudln't think of a better way to celebrate my last Abel, and it was a joy to have so many come with me.

A stunning morning.

Stacks from the carpark.

The crew! A bunch of very good eggs.

Frosty forest.

Precarious rock walking.

A little bit of cloud - it'll burn off.

Looking up the scree filled gully.

Chev on the plateau.


The final hill.

I could think of no better celebratory beer for my final summit.

Thank you all so much <3

Thank you all so much for following me on my adventures in the Tasmanian mountains. We are truly blessed to be able to call such an incredible, unique, and beautiful place home. Here's to bushwalking! Keep Tassie Wild.



  1. Congrats Zane!! Awesome Accomplishment!!
    Fellow Abelist Lynnda :) :)

    1. Thanks, Lynnda! It's well worth the effort. How many peaks have you been up now? :)

  2. Zane, when you told me two years ago about your plan to summit all 158 Abels in Tasmania, I thought to myself " Geez, that's an incredibly rather ambitious adventure"!!

    But a keen determination has seen the adventure finally come to fruition. An adventure that has taught you many life skills indeed.

    So it was truly was a pleasure to be there yesterday Zane. To embrace the importance of a very special moment and to share the experience of your final Able challenge! You're blog has been a pleasure and an inspiration to follow, as I'm sure many other people are yet to discover.

    Cheers, and all the best for your forthcoming adventures!

    Dad x

    1. Thank you so much for those lovely words, Dad! You're support has been so wonderful and I'm a lucky guy to have such great parents.

      Getting up Federation Peak with you will always remain one of my best memories!


  3. What a journey Zane! Ambition, adventure, determination, dedication, sharing the the highs, the tough decisions and at times, near defeat. The energy and elation in your writing of pursuing your goal is so inspiring. Your love of Tasmania's wilderness shines through. Each climb was a new challenge with a fresh sense of adventure.
    You have opened up this little corner of the world to so many and given us all something to enjoy. What a gift you give!
    Such a special moment watching you run up to your Final Peak and sharing in your achievement Zane. Love you so much :)
    Mum xxx

  4. Thanks Zane, for your dedication to this blog, which has kept us all intrigued right to the finish! And congratulations on accomplishing your goal, a task not without it's setbacks. I cannot imagine how you now feel, but I'd say you definitely deserve a long rest from mountain climbing! Don't tell me...... You're going next week...?

  5. What an achievement! I'll still be doing them at 80 haha :)

  6. Well done Zane, like so many people have loved following your journey! Hope to see you on the trails over the years.
    Charles B