Monday, 30 April 2018

The Thumbs

29th April 2018

The Thumbs

I had spent the night in Hobart, having seen the comedic duo Lano and Woodly perform their new show at the Theater Royal, and decided to go home via the South-West. I left Hobart town at 7:00am and drove out beyond Maydena, to a road I'm becoming increasingly familiar with; Clear Hill Road. I followed it north for about 17km as it hugs the eastern shore of Lake Gordon, until I reached the junction to a 4WD track to Adamsfield. The road is barred by a boom gate, with a key available from the Mt Field Parks Office. But I brought my mountain bike along so I didn't worry about hiring the key. At 9:30am I locked the car, jumped on my bike, and road down to the historic old mining town.

I spent nearly 2 hours on the bike, due to some route finding and subsequent back-tracking. The roads are an absolute warrens nest, exacerbated by the four wheel driving that is popular there. But I eventually found myself at the end of the ride-able road heading up Packers Spur. I locked up the bike near an old quarry, and followed the very overgrown road up the buttongrass ridge. Soon the ridge flattened out, and the road dispersed altogether, but with a very open walking I made good progress. Once the ridge narrowed and steepened again, a pad formed on the obvious route up. I followed this all the way up to a knoll on the ridge that sits at 955m. Easy walking from the bike that only took 45 minutes. From the 955m knoll to the summit took an hour and a half, and involved cutting under some large rocky outcrops, through some light to medium scrub, and then clambering up onto the rocky approach to the summit. I chose a few silly 'in-my-mind-short-cuts' on the way up, but was sat on the 'Thumb' by 1:00pm. Not a breath of wind, and an amazing view. I sat and enjoyed the summit for 45 minutes. The standout point was looking at Clear Hill and Stepped Hills, with the Gordon Gorge between them. Magical! I made better time on my way back to the bike, knowing which routes to take, and obviously going downhill. And the same with the bike ride, getting back to my car a bit after 4:00pm. I loved The Thumbs, I will go back for sure!

This place would have seen some memories.

P. Alting is my Opa (grandfather). Mum remembers this trip fondly.

Looking up at The Thumbs (and the sun)

Resting at the 955m. Looking towards Clear Hill and Stepped Hills.

Clear Hill looking fab.

A sneaky glimpse of the Gordon River before it goes into the gorge.

On the beautiful summit. What a view!

I don't know what these were?! On the summit. They're alive!!! Larvae?

Waratah seed pods.

Looking back at The Thumbs summit.

10 left.



  1. So 36 years and 18 days later, you get to witness the family graffiti! Stunning autumn day for a top walk Zane. The photos show off the area beautifully, it would have been magic sitting up there with such a smorgasbord view!

  2. Hi Zane,
    Could you tell us the final 10 summits.
    Great trip reports and photos :-)

    1. Hi Anthony! When I wrote this post my last 10 were:

      Mt Campbell
      MT Emmett
      Mt Inglis
      Barn Bluff
      Cradle Mountain

      Mt Alderbaren
      Mt Scorpio
      West Portal
      The Needles

      Stacks Bluff

      But I have now done the 5 in the Cra lde the area :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Very exciting. You've nearly finished. Looking forward to the last 10