Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Things are looking up...

This is only going to be a short update on the progress of my Abel climbing, but it is a very important one!

As you may well know, I have been feeling the pressure over the last few months on trying to complete the Abels in the time frame I set myself. At first I thought the main reason was I was falling out of love with solo walking because I'd been doing so much of it, and felt like I wasn't bushwalking for the real reasons I love it. I began to tee up people to head bush with in order to keep to my schedule, but that still left me feeling strange. Until I sat down to really reflected on why I am doing this.

As silly as it sounds, it was never about peak bagging. Ever since I was small I always saw the Abels as a list of amazing adventures to go on, not so much as a list of peaks I need to bag. And with the desired deadline (June 16th) fast approaching, things are getting tighter. That results in me feeling like I am being more of a peak-bagger, and less of a bushwalker walking for the love of it.

For this simple reason of "Peak Bagery-ness" I have decided to add some more time to my challenge so I can appreciate it more. I climbed my first Abel of this challenge on the 26th of November 2015. I will strive to have them climbed before 26th of November 2017. Two years to summit the Abels is still something I will be very happy to have done, but it also allows me to enjoy the last part of this journey infinitely more. I was anxious to make this decision before, as I felt like it might make me regretful for not pushing though it. The factor that made me made this choice so easy now is figuring out exactly what the root issue was.

So, I'll still be climbing mountains and I'll still be writing about them. I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive!

Things are looking up!

31 left.



  1. What a very wise and profound statement! We Grandparents are so proud of you !

    1. Thank you Nan-Gillie!
      Happy birthday!! xox

  2. Perfectly written Zane! And what a beautiful symbolic picture to go with it. Xx

  3. Always so proud of you, Zane! xxx
    Hey, the best bit is that maybe I'll get to go with you when you capture your last Able after all!