Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Wentworth Hills

6th March 2017

Wentworth Hills

I met my mate, Matt, at his place around 9am and we headed off for Laughing Jack Lagoon. The Abels book says Wentworth Hills is around a 7 hour walk, but we managed to get further along the road that follows the south bank of the lagoon than the book describes. We found a convenient forestry spur road that gained us a bit of distance and parked the car among the aftermath of forestry operations. Once on foot we pushed uphill through the coup, making distance nice and quickly; however, it wasn't long before we were in some untouched forest. A mixture of rainforest species and Eucalyptus kept us company as we sidled beneath a knoll, keeping on a bearing line headed for the plateau around Lake Knight. After an hour from the car we made it to the plateau, it was beautifully open and easy walking commenced. When we got to the edge of the lake we found a sign (much to our surprise) saying how Lake Knight is one of 7 remaining areas that have a population of the rare Clarence Galaxias (native Tasmanian alpine fish). From the other side of the lake we were back into light scrub, but made good time to the summit just over 2 hours after leaving the car! We had wonderful views all around, and the King William Range was the stand out feature. We spent an hour on the top before heading back to the car in just under 2 hours. It proved to be a much more enjoyable walk than I was expecting and I'll definitely go back!

Matt, ready for adventure.

One of the two Wedge-Tailed Eagles we saw overhead.

Dry Myrtle forest.

Husk of it's former self.

Trigger Plant and a richea.

Matt finding the best way forward.

Out on the plateau, easy peasy!

... Is that a sign?!

Yep! Cool!

There's the summit through the trees.

Looking towards Bronte Park.

Mt Gell looming over Lake King William.

Pencil Pines around Lake Knight.

45 left.



  1. Hi Zane, Great to see you had a walking companion and some beautiful weather for a great walk, Lake Knight looks positively enchanting, did you spot any Clarence Galaxias?

    1. So many beautiful camping options up there! I didn't see any, but Matt is pretty sure he spotted one when we stopped to fill up our bottles.

  2. I spotted one on the sign!!! :)
    Nice sounding walk Zane. Had Nick been there before? The lake would be a beaut place to camp just to sit and wait to catch a glimpse one of those cute fishies!

    1. Nick hasn't been there. Neither had Matt. One more Abel I have that Nick is yet to bag ;)