Sunday, 5 March 2017

Mt Owen

4th March 2017

Mt Owen

Waking up to a beautiful day in Queenstown, Chevi and I headed out early in the morning for Mt Owen. The iconic mountain looms over the town and having lost it's vegetation due to acid rain caused by the nearby mines, is a stark reminder of how man can change the face of the earth. We parked the car near a monument close to the Iron Blow (the first mine in the town, dating to the late 1800s') and headed off towards the road to the top. The road acts as access to service the many radio transmission, tel-com, and television towers on the mountain. It also makes most of the walk easy as a breeze. After an hour and a half we had made it to the end of the road, and started to follow a marked path through the barren boulders towards the summit trig. The walk across the top was amazing, with great views, a hidden lake, and good signs of re-vegetation. We spent some time on the summit, enjoying naming the mountains and making most of the breathless weather. On the way back down we passed a few other walkers, one of whom (Stringer - a local art gallery owner) recognised me after we talked for a while and I mentioned my name. "Ah! Abel Zane! I heard you on the radio!" I'll have to make good on the promise of a beer next time I'm in Queeny.

Bare hills of Q-Town.

It looks so big!

Looking to the Mt Lyell Mine.

Getting closer...

Damn cool cave!

With a great view!

Beautiful little Dragonfly.

There's the top.

A wild Zane appears.

Chevi enjoys the view to Frenchmans.

46 left.



  1. Great walk ... Lucky with the beautiful day too!

  2. Good to hear some vegetation growing back.... after alllll these years!

    1. Yeah! It was a very interesting place to be!