Friday, 3 March 2017

Mt Hugel

28th February - 1st March 2017

Mt Hugel

Day 1
I parked my car on the Rufus Canal road and started up the Gingerbread Track which leads over Mt Rufus, via a little hut known as The Gingerbread Hut (it's teeny-weeny). It was hot in the Eucalyptus forest and my first rest break was at the Joe Slatter hut, a few kilometres into the walk. The hut had a fantastic outlook towards the King William Range and was a depiction of a classic highland hut; oozing character. I kept on going, and after the forest opened up I soon saw the summit of Rufus, beyond a few false summits. After another break at the Gingerbread Hut, I made it to the summit of the wonderful Mt Rufus (having already been atop this Abel a few months prior). Another rest break, and it became evident that I still wasn't entirely over my recent sickness. The goal for this walk was to be the Cheyne Range and surrounding Abels, but with the heat, and my mental state (this will be explained more in a soon to come post) I decided to take it easier and aimed to camp on the other side of Mt Hugel.

I descended to the saddle between Hugel and Rufus, and after topping up water in a large tarn there, commenced the boulder hopping to the summit of the Abel. Once on top, I had mixed feelings about what I should do. But I decided to walk down to a tarn I could see around a kilometre north from the summit. I made camp there and did some reflecting...

Never followed guide posts through Buttongrass before...

Joe Slatter Hut.

Mt Gell and The Chenye Range.

The wee Gingerbread Hut!

Looking towards Mt Hugel.

From the summit! Looking back at Rufus.

My new tent! Thanks Mountain Designs!

The sun setting on a smokey evening...

Day 2
Much to my mental disappointment, but somewhat relief, I decided to head back instead of continuing on the scrubby quest to the Chenye Range. I walked out via Little Hugel, Shadow Lake, and then back up over Mt Rufus. It was very hot and I became rather dehydrated, so when I got to the Hungry Wombat at Derwent Bridge, I smashed a lot of Powerade!

47 left.


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  1. Ahhh, the classic false summit hills. Just over this bit. Ahh, just over this bit. No, just over this bit. Etcetera. Still worthwhile returning to. One day. XX