Saturday, 11 February 2017

Mt Murchison

11th February 2017

Mt Murchison

Known as one of the great mountain day walks of Tasmania, when the forecast said the weather should be alright, Chevi and I jumped at the opportunity to drive the 2.5 hours to the Mt Murchison track. The mountain was shrouded in cloud, but the temperature was warm as we started on the beautiful track. Initially in thick rainforest, the open path made quickly uphill following a very defined ridge-line. The forest started to get lower around us and soon our heads poked above the tops of the low scrub. We were greeted with a fine view to the un-named glacial lake nestled beneath the brooding spires of the Murchison summit range. From there the track became steeper and rocky underfoot. We scaled one face that had a rope to assist those on their quest to the summit. Once we were at the top of that scramble we were surrounded by thick cloud which stuck with us all the way to the top. The summit was windy, but we nestled down beneath the trig point, out of the wind, and enjoyed our lunch. The walk had taken us 2 hours up, and after some summit time (hoping the weather would lift; it did not) we headed down. The walk down took a little over an hour, and was mostly cloudy all the way to the car. West coast weather can be notorious, and it was worse than we expected, but it was still so beautiful and atmospheric! I can't wait to return for the view that I can only imagine would be incredible.



That forest <3

Native Laurel.

The glacial lake, that remains un-named...

A lady from Melbourne who was enjoying the sights Tassie had to offer!

One of the steep climbs.

Who loves cloudy summits? Me. I do. Summits.


52 left.


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