Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Clumner Bluff

31st January - 1st February 2017

Clumner Bluff

Day 1
Due to the normal access to this Abel via the Mersey Forest Road still being out as a result of flood damage, I decided to walk here as an overnight trip from Lake Mackenzie. I left the car a bit after 9:00am and headed south along the well trodden and open Blue Peaks Track. It meandered past piles of rocks, beautiful tarns, and sections of burnt vegetation from last summer's fires. Around an hour later the track petered out as it reached Middle Lake. From here I continued on open off track terrain to head to Turrana Bluff (an Abel I have already visited). Lots of grassy open areas meant I saw a lot of Wallabies. From Turrana Bluff I then headed to Mersey Crag in a similar fashion to when I visited this area last April. Three and a half hours after leaving the car I was at the small tarns near Mersey Crag and decided that it would be a suitable spot to set up camp. I have some food and by 1:00pm I was off for Clumner. It was a 16km, 5 hour round trip to the summit and back to my tent. A delightful amount of open walking made for fast going. The occasional stand of Pencil Pine made for some great rest stops, out of the wind. The summit was one I had been keen to visit for years, and was glad to have such a fine view. The Walls of Jerusalem were looking particularly stunning in the afternoon light.

Blue Peaks Track.

Ancient pines looking damn fine!

One of the peaks of Blue Peaks.

A tiny spit of land between two lakes.

One of the many small waterfalls in the alpine meadow.

Looking to Turrana Bluff and Fisher Bluff.

Pencil Pine reflections.


Woohoo! So glad to be on top!

Amazing open fields.

Not a bad place to spend the night.

Day 2
I awoke to a very still (much more appreciated than the windy nature of the previous day) and cold morning. Frost had crisped my tent and the promise of sun was motivation enough to get out of the tent and watch the sun rise over a nearby crag. After a quick breakfast I was off, re-tracing my steps from the day before. As I got closer to my car the day became clearer and clearer and I delighted in the open walking once more. I was back at the car by 10:15am, satisfied in the route I chose to do this mountain.

No filters. All natural.

Behold the open walking ahead.

56 left.



  1. Wow, all that open terrain made up for all the thick cutting scrub on the Eldons!! Well maybe not ALL the Eldon days... :)
    What a beaut looking walk. I love all the tarns and the ancient Pencil Pines. Such a peaceful looking place.

    1. Peaceful is a perfect word for what it's like up there. It really got me excited to explore all the little lakes and tarns one day... Another mission for another time ;)

    2. What a spectacular photo of the sunrise! Today's paper says the Mersey access will not be completed till April! More patience and determination needed!