Monday, 9 January 2017

Mt Shakespeare

9th January 2017

Mt Shakespeare

Having tried once to climb this peak from Wylds Craig, but being bested by the weather, I wasn't overly keen to go back up here for a while. The I found out about another access for the mountain from the north via a forestry road. I drove up Blue Road until I hit the junction to Blue Road Spur 15 and headed up that. The end of that spur road got me to within 3km from the summit!

When I left the car at 9:30am I didn't expect to find any taped route; so I didn't bother to look. Instead, I took a bearing with my compass and walked in a straight North-West line. The walking started in semi-open rainforest, with the occasional section of thick Horizontal to contend with. I made ground quite fast and within an hour I had gained 300 metres of elevation and was in re-growth gum forest. I believe a fire had wiped out a section on the side of the mountain, but this made it easier going for me. I found myself on a knoll looking towards the summit and a large moraine that protrudes off it. I headed to that moraine as my next objective. Once there I decided that I would alter my plans (I originally wanted to go down to one of the two small lakes nestled between the summit and the moraine), in favour for walking on the easy going terrain the moraine offered. After two and a half hours from leaving the car I arrived on the summit! It was alive with blooming Scoparia and smelt heavenly. I had wonderful views to Wylds Craig, The Spires, The King William Range, and Mt Field. I spent half an hour enjoying the top before heading back down towards the moraine, via one of the two Twin Lakes (the scrub going down to the lake was easier to negotiate this way). Once back on the moraine I re-traced my steps to the car and was there in under two hours from the top. It was a great day out, and some of the most fun I've had navigating lately!

Shakespeare through the gums.

Beautiful forestry!... 

Rainforest walking.

There's the summit from my knoll.

Twin Lakes from the moraine.

Summer Scoparia blooms.

The summit, looking towards Wylds Craig!

Down at the northern of the lakes for a top up of the drink bottle.

71 left.



  1. Grandad and I love your account and photographs!

    1. You two are some of my #1 fans! Thank you for all the support and love :)

      Zane xox