Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Western Bluff

6th December 2016

Western Bluff

Chevi and I jumped in the car for another Abel together. The Abel book describes the route up Western Bluff from Ukrs Loop road, but having heard the quality of the road to be poor and closed at the current moment due to flood damage we decided to go from the Lake Mackenzie Road. Once we arrived on the plateau we parked on the side of the road near a gravel pit that looked to have a great approach to the ridge that we would follow to the summit. The walk up the small escarpment to the ridge-top was a bit scrubby and slow going, but once we arrived on top we were rewarded with a view to the summit some 5km away. We found the terminus of a taped route up to this point from a little further along the road which we ended up following on our return. The walking to the summit was delightful, crossing open moorland with little to no scrub. Some areas were burnt heavily from the fires in January and it was sad to witness a landscape dying, especially the cushion plants. The walk was a simple task of following the cliff escarpment all the way to the top and took us two and a half hours to reach the trig point.  We enjoyed the summit for around half an hour before ambling back to the car, observing many wallabies along the way (including one missile-wallaby that jumped right in front of my face!). The return walk took just over two hours, and ended a very enjoyable day out on Western Tiers.

Western Bluff from near Chudleigh.

Our approach to the ridge,

Looking to the summit...

A lot of fire damage.

Half alive.

All dead.

But a beautiful view from the summit.

85 left.


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