Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mt Weld

20th - 21st November 2016

Mt Weld

Day 1
I met Nick in Hobart at 8:30am and we got into his car for the drive to Huonville to meet his brother, Matt. Once there, we all piled into one car to drive the extra hour up into the Weld Valley and trail head of the track up Mt Weld. We had to walk an extra kilometer of road beyond where we left the car, as a sink hole had taken out the road some time ago. The track started in thick cutting grass scrub, and for the next two and a half hours we were wading through patches of the razor sharp vegetation, intermixed with some semi open rain forest. Eventually we reached a creek, and that's when the track started to gain elevation (it had been following a very overgrown forestry track till then and was subsequently quite flat). After a short break for lunch on the other side of a small patch of Horizontal forest we started the long slog up through some great open Tea-Trees, Dogwood, and then into some gorgeous rain forest. Some of the Myrtles were absolutely huge, and there were some gigantic Eucalyptus too. At around 900m in elevation we hit the scrub and the track became less obvious. Many scratches were gained as we pushed though as fast as we could. Eventually we reached a small open marsh land with fine views. A little bit more scrub was pushed through on very braided tracks (the off track scrub was lighter than the scrub with a path through it!) and we soon made it to the un-named tarn were we would spend the night. We called the tarn "Nanny's Roast Tarn" because Matt was missing out on his usual Sunday roast and deemed it strange that the tarn had no name yet. It took around 7.5 hours from the car and we were keen for the beers we had brought along. Some time was spent relaxing before bed, and plans were made for an early morning attempt at the summit.

Mmm... That's a track!

Celebrate the joy of a log to walk on!

A good bit of Horizontal. 

A small Bracket Fungi.

Matt smashing through some scrub.

Nothing quite like sleeping under a tarp.

Day 2
We started to wake up around 4:30am and got out of bed by 5am when it was light enough to see without torches. We quickly packed up the camp and were walking soon after. The way to the summit was obvious and open, mostly Pineapple Grass, Dwarf Pine, Pandani, and scree. We first went up to the southern summit which is connected to the actual summit with a low saddle. The whole walk up took about 50 minutes and was absolutely wonderful due to the rising sun and dramatic weather to the west. We spent about 20 minutes on the top admiring the view to the Western Arthurs, Mt Anne, The Spires, The Snowy Range and all the mountains to our south. It took about 30 minutes to get back to the packs for a quick breakfast, and then over pants were donned for the scrub bash back to the open rainforest. The walk back to the car was warm as the muggy weather moved in, but only took about 5 hours. On the drive back to Huonville we stopped at the Weld River for a refreshening (thanks for the new word Matt) swim in the cold water; a rewarding way to finish a bloody fantastic trip!

A sunrise over a sea of fog.

Mt Weld summit is on the right.

Looking down to the Weld Valley.

Rain over the Western Arthurs.

Looking along the Weld Ridge from the summit.

"Nanny's Roast Tarn"

A beautiful Streaked Eyebright.

And people thought I was tall!

90 left.


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  1. What a fantastic experience to see all the mountains at sunrise, from this summit. I wonder if anyone else was up another summit looking toward you. Love the last pic!