Sunday, 27 November 2016

Mt Rufus

27th November 2016

Mt Rufus

I spent the night before in Tarraleah for my cousin's wedding, a fine event. And thought it worth my while to climb a mountain on my way home, which Mt Rufus suited well for. I left Tarraleah after breakfast and was at the visitor center at Lake St Clair a bit after 9:30am. I started walking up the Mt Rufus track, which winds it's way over gentle undulations and through some beautiful Snow Gum forest. A small patch of rainforest was passed through before I reached the junction to the Shadow Lake circuit. From here I kept strolling towards Rufus, gaining more and more elevation and being delighted with small open grasslands studded with the occasional Pandani. Before too long I had reached the plateau that makes a bee-line for the false summit before changing direction to the true summit around 1km away. The views from here towards Mt Hugel were lovely, and I was sitting at the summit of Rufus and hour and forty five minutes after leaving the car. Smashed it! I enjoyed the view for about half an hour, the Chenye Range was looking very ominous in thick cloud cover, but my view east was splendid. The walk down was a wee bit quicker, and all in all it was a great way to spend the morning after a few drinkies.

3 hours one way?! Pfft.

Such great forest around Lake St Clair.

Case in point.

The false summit of Mt Rufus.

With a wee bit of snow.

A micro garden on the summit.

And a great view from top!

88 left.



  1. Grandad and I have skied Rufus many years ago even when I was expecting your Dad!!

    1. That would have been amazing! I can imagine how great the skiing up there would be, it would've been interesting to see what it would be like if the plans for a ski field on Rufus actually went through.