Sunday, 6 November 2016

Drys Bluff

6th November 2016

Drys Bluff

WELL! After being down and out for over a fortnight with a virus, and enduring rubbish Tasmanian spring weather, it was finally time to get out into the mountains again! Chevi and I started walking from the beautiful cottage at Oura Oura that Bob Brown once lived in (and has now donated to Bush Heritage Australia) in the Liffey valley at 9am. The walk up Drys is known as one of the harder day walks in Tasmania, and with the uphill starting straight away, it's obvious to see why. We pushed through some beautiful dry sclerophyll forest and up to the base of some spectacular sand stone cliffs. Several fixed ropes are on the track to assist with getting up the steeper sections of the cliffs and they made for an enjoyable variation in the assent. After passing over a small patch of scree and up a few more ropes we poked out on the plateau about 2 hours after leaving the car. The track continued to the trig point, but the true summit and Abel lays about 1.5km to the south-west. We jumped off the track and into the scrub! There were sections of thick scrub, broken up with wombat trails and rough pads, but by the time we reached the summit ridge all the rough pads turned into a relatively good (an occasionally cairned) track. We followed the track until we reached the obvious high point and a substantial cairn marking the top. We had lunch in the sun and enjoyed the view for around half an hour before heading back through the scrub to the path. We decided to also go up to the trig point, which only took a further 15 minutes to reach, and offered a great view back to where we had just come from. The walk down was pleasant as the weather just seemed to get better and better.

Great day for a mountain stroll, what!

Classic B. Brown.

Some of the amazing cliffs.

Hakea in bloom.

A lil' bit of scree.

Chevi climbing a rope!

The summit is that way!

On top of the top. What a great view!

Heading over to the cairn.

Looking back at the Abel from the cairn.

Smashing down the mountain in style.

What a sweet little spot.

92 left.



  1. I love it.... "Trespassers Welcome"!! Great day to get back into it. Great read :)

  2. We did this one many many years ago when we had the Carrick shop! Easter it was had a day off!! Kids were just teenagers then! Glad to see you back....hope the weather improves soon!!!