Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mt Jukes

14th - 15th October 2016

Mt Jukes

Day 1
After driving to Queenstown from near Hobart, I met up with a few mates who were in town for the Unconformity Festival and had a good catch up while I waited for Nick to arrive from Launceston. When he did, we went for some late lunch and then shoved enough stuff into some packs for a cheeky overnight visit to the nearby Abel; Mt Jukes. We left Queenstown around 3pm and drove 20 minutes along Mount Jukes Road to the high-point of the road, and start of our semi off track walk. The terrain was very eye opening and a real hoot to walk on. Large open volcanic rocky slabs interspersed with low scrub and a very steep incline made for two happy mountain climbers as elevation was gained quickly and expansive views admired. After around 50 minutes we had attained the top of a glacial cirque some 400 metres higher than were the car was parked. Here we found a fairly well trodden path marked with cairns which we followed around the cirque, gaining a bit more elevation and suddenly the small peak north of Jukes; Proprietary Peak. From here it was a doddle to the summit trig, a mere 1 hour and 45 minutes after leaving the car. The summit has very rewarding views, with the West Coast range was a stand out, as well as the Frenchmans group, and The Eldon Range. The wind was fierce, so we headed around 200m from the summit to a suitable camp spot. A few card games were had and then bed as soon as the sun went down.

Getting stuff ready!

Looking towards Mt Huxley and Mt Owen.

The car looks so teeny!

The summit of Jukes towering above the cirque.

Look at that amazing geology!

Stunning location for a cairn.

Stunning location for a Nick.

A truly interesting summit. So volcanic lookin'.

Day 2
"Zane!" I heard at 1:20am. The wind was so strong that it destroyed Nick's tent (a classic Wilderness Equipment beast, that had just had one too many nights use). I helped him pack up his gear in the howling wind and we set him up under a nearby rock overhang. It was out of the wind and I ended up being very jealous when I went back to my tent and had to put up with the constant noise. Luckily the night was clear, otherwise it would have been a snug snooze in my single man tent.

We next got out of bed to watch the sun rise over the many mountains east of us. A beautiful sight and the main reason we wanted to sleep up on Mt Jukes in the first place. After sunrise, we had a quick breakfast and then walked down to the car. On the way back we explored and old mine shaft, some 50m in there was a huge vertical shaft that I couldn't see the top of with my head-torch. We then went back into Queenstown for another breakfast and a day filled with arts, music, friends, and beer; a great way to finish off a great week.

Sunrise over Lake Burbury.

The King William Range and the Frenchmans Cap group. Sexy.

Nick's home away from home away from home.

93 left.


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  1. Have to put this one on my list, but in Summer and probably not an overnighter! Nick definitely deserves to be called "Nick Cave"! What a great week Zane :)