Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wild Dog Tier

7th September 2016

Wild Dog Tier

Nick and I left Launceston at 5:30am for the nearly 2 hour drive to Lake Augusta, just west of Tasmania's coldest town; Liawenee. We parked at the northern end of the lake, and as the morning fog hadn't lifted yet we plugged the coordinates for the summit into the GPS and walked north. The walking was open and lovely and the conversation flowed. An hour and a half passed before we arrived at the foot of the subtle summit range having walked around 4kms in relatively open moor lands. We pushed through light scrub and onto scree as we made our way up to the main ridge of Wild Dog Tier. Another hour was killed walking north along this, and having fun with some navigation issues (the GPS is dicky... need to see to that!) We poked out on the western side of the summit in a beautiful open valley! A short 5 minute scramble up the range again had us sitting at the site of the old dismantled summit trig just as views began to open up.

To our surprise, just before we left the summit we saw a large group approaching from the north! We went down to greet them, it turns out they were a bunch of LWC members out on an informal stroll, most of whom I knew through working at Paddy Pallin! We headed back to the car, with the sun warming our backs and the view looking much more interesting than our approach.

The car at Lake Augusta.

Once more into the fog, once more!

Some scrubby scree times.

There was some very patchy snow higher up.

The summit! Note the concrete from the old trig?

Looking at Wild Dog Tier on the way back.

102 left.


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