Saturday, 24 September 2016

Millers Bluff

23rd September 2016

Millers Bluff

Millers is a towering peak about 20kms west of Campbell Town on the edge of the Great Western Tiers. It is situated on privately held land, but a long held negotiation between the land owner and the bushwalking community means with a little forward planning it is easy to gain access to. I rang Mr Roderick O'Connor a few days before heading up to arrange picking up the key. He didn't require any payment, so I made him and his family some brownies. They were very much appreciated!

I picked up one of my best mates, Justin (who only now makes his debut on Abel Zane), at 8am to head out on the short drive past Cressy. After picking up the key from the beautiful homestead at Connorvale and driving up Lake River Road, we found the turn off onto Millers Bluff Road and went through the first locked gate. After a few short kilometres of driving we got to the washed out bridge crossing the Lake River. Our driving stopped here. Until June, it was possible to drive most of the way up, making Millers Bluff a short 1.5 hour return walk. But now an extra 5kms of road needs to be walked. We road bashed up, enjoying the beautiful bird calls and warm breeze. After a bit over an hour we found the best route up onto the northern ridge-line, bashing up through some light scrub but soon finding ourselves on the ridge, right next to a Tas Fire Service shed. We found the roughly taped route leading off from there, and followed it further along the ridge for 40 minutes until we emerged on the summit! The summit has several service towers on top, and a fantastic view looking out to the midlands, and back along the Tiers. After lunch on the heli-pad we decided to bash off the western side, down some steep scree and back onto the road. It took a little less time than the route up, and was heaps of fun because of all the huge boulders! The whole walk took us about 6 hours, and was a great day out with a dear friend. Woo!

Millers in the cloud.

The Lake River bridge that was taken out by the flooding.

Spring has sprung!

Justin looking like he needs a Nalgene sponsorship...

Millers Bluff from atop the ridge-line.

Old newspaper in a small hut near the track.

Waratah seed pods are crazy cool things, don't-cha-thunk?

The summit of Millers, in all its beauty!

Justin having fun coming down some scree.

98 left.


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