Thursday, 11 August 2016

Ragged Jack

11th August 2016

Ragged Jack

Easily one of the most 'fully sick' named Abels, Ragged Jack is a towering peak just west of the Ben Lomond massif. I followed the directions to the trail as my Abels volume 1 book describes and trotted off up an old fire trail which follows the River O'Plain Creek. After 15 minutes the creek had to be crossed, and due to recent rains it was boots off time; chilly! I followed the fire trail for a further 15 minutes or so before finding the marked path up Ragged Jack spurring off uphill. I was soon in the snowline and it seemed as though there was a few inches of fresh powder that had fallen overnight, making everything look rather magical. The snow was starting to melt in the sun though, which made for wet going.

It wasn't long before I had left the tree line behind, poking out onto an open scree field. The fog was thick in the peaks, but after waiting no more than 2 minutes it started to lift and left me with a clear view of the summit, surrounded by blue skies! I made a beeline for the summit ridge, walking up some relatively steep scree but making quick progress. A Wedge Tail Eagle was soaring just above me, adding to the delightful walking. It wasn't long before I was on top, enjoying the crisp snow and fresh winds. After pulling my lunch out of my bag I discovered that I had actually remembered to pack my new micro spike crampons (stroke of luck, because they proved very handy on the way back down). I enjoyed the summit for 30 minutes or so before deciding to get out of the wind and make my way back to the car.

Vibrant Eucalyptus.

Can you spot the Pokeball in the forest?

Frosty fingers.

Looking out over Blessington.

... Mum wanted me to add this one in...

The summit ridge wrapped in Winter's embrace.

A very rewarding view from the summit, looking towards Mensa Moor.

Dem micro spikes (y).

112 left.



  1. Stunning photographs! Love the icicles... And the one of you with the bandaged hand!

    1. Thanks Nan Gillie :)
      The icicles were very interesting, as they were each hanging off a strand of moss, so they were swinging in the breeze.

  2. Wow, now that's an amazing day out!