Sunday, 7 August 2016

Ironstone Mountain

7th August 2016

Ironstone Mountain

After spending a night at a friend's place at Jackeys Marsh, I went up Ironstone early in the day with another mate and previous Abel companion, Bert. We headed off up Smoko Road to the start of the walking trail and stormed off fueled on hot food from the Meander Post Office. After around 20 minutes we reached the turn off to Mother Cummings Peak, and went the other direction to keep following Smoko Creek up onto the plateau.

I was not prepared for how gorgeous this walk would be. Easily some of the most beautiful Myrtle forest I've walked in, tall trees with minimal undergrowth, mostly ferns. The stand out feature was the creek itself, featuring many beautiful cascades (including Chasm Falls), crystal clear water, and a mind blowing crevasse in the creek bed that was about 12m deep, 1m wide and filled with churning aquamarine water. After around one and a half hours we reached the plateau and immediately lost the marked (presumably cairned up there) track. The snow was a bit too deep to keep them visible, so we bashed our way up to the high summit plateau. That took us around an hour, but was good fun if a little slow going.

Once on the high plateau, we had to walk a few hundred meters to the actual summit of Ironstone, a trip that on the way back we donned snow shoes for. The summit view was beautiful, especially the outlook to the snow capped Overland mountains. We ate some oranges and then started our descent back to the car, charging off at quite a pace. It was a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday. Thanks Bert!

On the right track.

One of the many unnamed falls on Smoko Creek.

Chasm Falls.

The crevasse.

Bert trudging through the white stuff.

Atop beautiful Ironstone!

These are good fun.

113 left.


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  1. Yes a beautiful walk, especially the Myrtle forest. I can definitely recommend this one, even if only to the turn off to Mother Cummings, on a still Summer day wondering up the creek bed. Dad and I did this one years ago, the area where you hit the snow we put on our cross country skis and ski-ed uphill to the plateau!! Much easier than walking knee deep!! :) Beaut photos Zane :)