Friday, 26 August 2016

Arthurs Lake

26th August 2016

Mt Penny West
Mt Patrick

I met Dad in Longford and we proceeded to drive up to the sleepy highland village of Wilburville to collect the gate key for Mt Patrick from the landowner, Ingrid (and her happy and well fed Jack Russell, Babe). We then drove a few kilometers further up the Arthurs Lake road before pulling over at a suitable point to stroll the 300m up Mt Penny West. Easily one of the most diminutive little Abels going, it took us around 30 minutes of easy slow walking through classic highland scrub to get to the summit. We found a surprisingly large cairn on top and had views better than could be expected! Points of interest included the nearby Halfpenny, Mt Patrick, Sandbanks Tier, and Parson and Clerk. We enjoyed the summit in the sun for half an hour before strolling back to the cars.

Halfpenny through the trees.

Dad was super pumped about all the wicked rock-wall building rocks... 

That is the summit of an Abel up there... 

Sitting on the huge summit cairn of Mt Penny West!

Dad loving summits in the sun.
Beautiful Snow Gum.
DANGEROUS snakes and spiders!

Once at the vehicles, we headed through the first of 2 locked gates that we used the keys on. After around 6km of driving we arrived at a third gate that Ingrid told us was a great starting point for the walk up Mt Patrick. We followed the road for a short while before making a bee line for the nearby summit (Only around 500m from the road). The walking was more pleasant than Mt Penny West, as it was mostly on scree and very open forest. No scrub at all. The summit was well forested though and view from the small summit cairn was not as good as our previous Abel. Again, half an hour was spent on top before walking back down. Coffee in Longford called. It was a really fun day out to a few obscure little peaks.

That is Mt Patrick!

Good sign.

Some scree going up...

The beautiful colours of a Hakea nut.

Dad appreciating the teeny summit cairn.

Going down with a view to Mt Penny West.

107 left.


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  1. It was a very interesting day out, and hey, what about the billions of rocks everywhere!??!! :-D