Friday, 1 July 2016

Mt Barrow. The beast!

1st July 2016

Mt Barrow

I awoke to a miraculous day. I had a completely free day, and the weather was clear! I set my sights to Mt Barrow and Mt Maurice. Shortly after 9am I was in the car and heading off on the short drive to the top of Mt Barrow. The road access was put in some decades ago to help service the towers that direct television and mobile phone beams at nearby Launceston. Within an hour of driving I had pulled up in a large parking area, and was soon striding off through the alpine scrub. There is a large structure on the main ridge that I had to scoot around, fearful of the "TRESPASSERS PROSECUTED" sign and many men in hard hats who looked at me as if they would act on the warning of said sign. (The stair case up the ridge to their building would have been most handy, but I found a nice scree slope to bound up). Within 20 minutes I was on top of the summit ridge and only a stones-throw from the trig point. I milled away a bit of time on top, enjoying the fantastic view, before descending to my car. The scree was not in the sun, so was iced over and very slippery. I think I took more time going down than up, but I was still back at the car by 11:15am.

I drove off to nearby Mt Maurice with grand plans to climb it. But they were dashed when I got to a bridge that was taken out in the recent flooding. I jumped across the bridge, thinking it would be an easy 5km road walk to the trail head, but alas, there were many new (new to my map at least; it's an old map) forestry roads, and with fog descending into the trees I decided to turn back. I might bring my mountain bike with me next time to do this mountain...

The drive up was great!

The Air Traffic Relay Station. 

Looking to South Barrow, while climbing icy scree.

The summit is near!

So many towers.

Anyone know the answer to this? Looks like impact.

Summit Trig on Might Mt Barrow.

115 left.


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  1. Ah yes.... you missed this one in mid June 1992, by a couple of days, (just before you were born), as big brother got to play in the snow at Mt Barrow. However we managed to get you up Ben Lomond when you were a week or so old sliding around on a toboggan. Ahh the memories!
    However what a great day for a winter climb!! Frustrating that Mt Maurice was not achievable today for you! I'm sure it will still be there when you return - with your bike! :)