Monday, 20 June 2016


19th June 2016

kunanyi/ Mt Wellington

I had been in Hobart for the Dark MOFO winter festival and was staying at my cousin's place. She lives in Lenah Valley, within  a few minutes drive from some fire trails that lead up the mountain. I had only ever driven up Wellington, so when I awoke early to a beautiful day I jumped in my boots and hopped in the car to the trail head. I drove to the end of Lenah Valley Road and was walking by 8:30am. I headed for the shortest route to Junction cabin and then took the Hunters walking track up to the Pinnacle Road. I walked the road for around a kilometre until I reached another walking track that leads closer to the summit, the Panorama track. It was a beautiful little 15 minute walking track, and connects back onto Pinnacle Road. Another 5 minutes of road walking and I was at the summit, just under 2 hours after leaving my car. The walk gave me around 1km of vertical gain from the car to the summit. Due to that gain, the vegetation bands were fascinating to observe, starting in tall Eucalyptus, meandering into some stunted Snow Gum fields and then into the alpine zone.

The view from the top was crisp and beautiful. I had clear views deep into the south-west and all the way east to Maria Island. There were many people on top, but I found a quiet rock to eat an early lunch on. After spending half and hour on top I headed back down. This time I chose the Zig-Zag track which connects to the Organ Pipes Track. I highly recommend this walk to anyone with a spare day in Hobart! When I got to the end of the Organ Pipes Track I bumped into Roackmonkey, another keen Tasmanian mountain climber (who I met in the Spires, read her blog here) I then went back down the way I came up, Hunters track to Junction Cabin, and then took a different path to the New Town Falls. A pretty cascade that wasn't full of much water, but very pleasant all the same.

I was back at the car just before 1pm and ready for another afternoon/night jam packed with Dark MOFO fun! The whole Wellington reserve is set up beautifully for bushwalkers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. I will be back to explore the trails again sometime!

A fine morning.

A bit of a chilly start in the valley though.

Junction Hut.

On the scree on Hunters Track.

The old corduroy on the Panorama track.

The magnificent view from the summit!

So heathy.

New Town falls on the way down.

A tall fungi!

116 left.



  1. Sounds like a great walk, nice time of year to do this one. Next time you need to fit in time to find the mysterious aqua coloured Disappearing Tarn :) I love the fungi pic Zane!!
    Reminds me of a story - made short....
    Back in the 1970's two of my cousins went for a walk one day, (2 young teenagers, who lived in the city centre of Hobart. Liverpool St.). Without telling parents or anyone, they set off with nothing but the clothes they wore, to "climb the mountain". Amazingly they made it all the way up to the Organ Pipes, when they realised they were hungry. Time to turn around and go back home. They made it back, very hungry, tired and in the bad books for disappearing for so long. No map, no GPS, no mobile phone, no money, no food, no jumper, no idea how to get there, but they had enthusiastic energy and determination!!!

    1. Good work! Did they walk up the road, or just try to bash their way up?

    2. From memory, I think they went on the road until they were under the Organ Pipe area, then went upwards. There may have been some rough tracks at the time.

  2. Love to follow your adventures...familiar with many places that you have been or part thereof.. Grandad and l enjoy your dialogue and the wonderful photos! Keep it coming!

    1. Thanks Nan-Gillie! I'll have to do some out your way soon :)

    2. Yes..let us know! Love to see you! xx

  3. Hi Zane; can you send me your email address?