Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Parson and Clerk

24th May 2016

Parson and Clerk

This little climbed mountain sits a few kilometres east of Arthurs Lake, but the described route comes from the farmland areas to the south of the peak on Lake River Road. I left Launceston at 8am after picking up Nick, who would accompany me on this walk. The drive out took 50 minutes and we left the car at a boom gate. We walked down the road a further 300m or so until we got to Woods Creek, where we then forged our way up the hill.We had to climb 700m in altitude to the summit, mostly through light to medium gum forest with many slippery rocks underfoot. A bit over 2 hours in, we reached the summit ridge which was a series of small scrubby knolls, making for slow going until the summit was reached just under 3 hours from the car. The weather had been rather gloomy, even showering us in a little snow at one point, but it cleared for the time we spent at the summit. After a chilly 20 minutes on top enjoying the view, we headed back to the car. More or less back tracking the way down in 2.5 hours. An enjoyable walk, but not one I'll be itching to do again!

BOOM! Gate.

We saw so many CCTV cameras in this forest...

Typical walking terrain.

Nick approaching the summit.

Old summit cairn on Parson and Clerk.

A very voluptuous Eucalyptus.

Some sweet little fungi.

119 left.


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