Thursday, 12 May 2016

Mt Victoria

11th May 2016

Mt Victoria

I set off with high hopes of a 3 Abel day. It had unfortunately been a while since I had gotten up any Abels, due to being busy finishing the guiding season at the Bay of Fires and then a spate of rainy (but wonderful) weather. The outlook was supposed to be pretty calm for the next 48 hours, so I jumped on it.

I drove out passed Ringarooma to get to the high plains above the village that hosts 3 Abels, Mt Victoria, Mt Albert and Mt Saddleback. I arrived at the Mt Victoria car park first and jumped out ready for adventure. The wind started to pick up as I strode off into the scrubby start of the track, but my spirits were high. The path soon opens up onto a grand Myrtle forest with many manferns and fungi to enjoy along the way. After 10 minutes or so the rainforest is left behind and a heathy alpine section is reached (last time I was up Mt Victoria I didn't have gaiters, I didn't make that mistake this time). Minimal scratches were obtained. After a short time in the heath the track reaches a boulder field where a lot of vertical distance is gained. The wind was really starting to pick up by this point and dark clouds were gathering... Not too long after reaching the rocks I was fast approaching the summit; a fun little scramble to a trig point with good views across the north-east corner of the state. A lot of the peaks to my west were shrouded in heavy cloud, and the wind increased in pace as I sat sheltered in a rocky outcrop. I hung about on top for 25 minutes before stumbling down. I was being buffeted by the wind a lot by this point, and took a few falls. It took me longer to descend the mountain than it did to climb up, and by the time I was back at my car the weather had really come in. Rain started to fall as I turned the radio on just in time to catch a weather update - severe wind warnings for the North-East. Great... I cancelled my plans to climb the other 2 mountains. I'll be back.

Mt Victoria is a great little climb and a wonderful day out especially is you involve a visit to nearby Ralph Falls.

The beast that is Mt Victoria.

Pretty forest.

Wading through some scrubby patches.

The summit is in sight (on the left!)

A very windy experience on top of Victoria.

Rainforest on the way down.

Happy little fungi.

123 left.



  1. Its a great hike for all ages, really nice forest down low and then spectacular views as you get up into the open

  2. Hi Russ,

    Absolutely! It is such a lovely walk. Thanks for reading :)


  3. I enjoy your insight into the walks - helps with future planning. Good luck with the other two. This weekend may be better. Mt Young is also a good walk while your out that way

  4. You actually went up this mountain when you were a little tiny thing, 5 months on the brew... as in I was 5 months pregnant with you!! I remember the up hill boulder section well - you got in the way a bit!! I also remember Dad and Grandad standing with their toes over the very edge at the summit.....
    It's all in the genes son!!!

    1. And here was I thinking I'd only done it twice! Looks like it's actually 3 times! Thanks mum :)

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