Monday, 28 March 2016

St Valentines Peak

28th March 2016

St Valentines Peak

Gina and I had spent a few days on the west coast exploring the Tarkine and on our way home we decided to climb an Abel. St Valentines Peak sits just below the city of Burnie and is a distinctive land mark with its very conical shape rising on the horizon.

The walk starts through some open forest dominated by Gum and Wattle, crossing two streams before an old gravel road is reached. We observed many different fungi sprouting up and it really added a splash of colour to the forest. The old road was starting to get overgrown as it obviously rarely gets traffic on it, but it still offered fine views of our destination. Soon we were back into forest and on a walking path, intermittent board-walk through the scrubbier sections but mostly easy going underfoot. It got steeper and slipperier as the track progressed through Myrtle and Celery-top Pine forest, but we soon reached the alpine vegetation and the path got rocky. The undulating path to the summit was more or less a ridge-line traverse and the views opened up quickly. After a quick lunch break we pushed for the summit marked by a relay station for emergency services and a trig point. Gina had a nap in the afternoon sun and I poked around the old equipment before we headed back to the car. A lovely way to finish out Easter break!

Mighty peak rising from the plantation.

Ah yes, here it is.

Not quite in focus, but check out that fella!

Gina the panda, crossing a river.

A bunch of cutie-pies.

Up on the ridge, just passed a family who were picnicking.

A little ways to go yet.

Summit naps, the best naps.


133 left.


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