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Mt Tor

23rd March 2016

Mt Tor

Mt Tor only just scrapes in to become an Abel at 1105m in altitude! It sits next to Black Bluff and is a scrubby but pleasant day trip from Launceston. I went on this walk with my old friend Nick and his brother Matt (a very keen peak bagger)! We left Launceston at 7:30am and drove to Ulverstone and then towards the Leven River, where we parked the car and began our adventure.

The walk starts on a 4 wheel drive track and soon crosses the Leven River, where we took off our boots and easily waded across to yonder shore. Boots back on and we continued to follow the surprisingly clear track as it went up-river and then up a subtle ridge-line. After a few kilometers we reached the point where we should turn off the track and proceed up the peak. It was marked by a large rock cairn and had a rough looking path leading off into the scrub. The path soon deteriorated into nothing, but the buttongrass and small ti-tree vegetation was easy walking with open views. After gaining a few hundred meters in altitude we hit a wall of taller vegetation. With scrub bashing faces on we marched into the bush, hopping from rocky outcrop to rocky outcrop scattered between scrubby sections.

We leveled out onto a gradual sloping plateau heading towards the summit that was vegetated with mostly buttongrass, and made for easy going and wide views. We were treated to a Wedge Tail Eagle soaring effortlessly above us and it wasn't long before the summit was reached, 3 hours after leaving the car. The views were lovely, especially the wide vista of Black Bluff with Mt Roland in the background. We had lunch on top while enjoying the calm weather, when the wind started to pick up after 40 minutes on the summit we started our walk down. A great fun peak, with a really nice view.

Ready for adventure!

This doesn't look like a good place to cross...

This does though! 

Matt gettin' amongst it.

GPS - I should get one.

Scrub-a-dub dub!

A very handsome shroom.

These rocky patches were lovely.

And sometimes a squeeze.

The beautiful plateau.

Mr W. T. Eagle.

The grassland just beneath the summit, featuring the Davis brothers.

134 left.


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