Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mother Cummings Peak

10th March 2016

Mother Cummings Peak

This protruding arm of the Western Tiers sits right above the sleepy town of Meander. It has two notable high points on a map - Mother Cummings Peak and Cummings Head. The Abel for the area is Cummings Head and we took the route as described in Abels Volume 1. I did this day walk with Jason, my dad's cousin (whom I hadn't seen in a while, so it was a great opportunity for a good catch up).

We met in Deloraine and then both jumped into my car for the short drive to the start of the walk up Smoko Road. The walk starts at an old fallen down bridge and the first kilometer of walking is on the old overgrown road beyond said bridge. We soon reached an old car park where the track became a proper walking path and started to follow Mother Cummings Rivulet through a valley towards the plateau. The walking was beautiful, filled with lots of gorgeous Myrtle, King Billy, fungi, and little rock pools along the rivulet. The water was crystal clear and would be very inviting on a hot summer's day. It wasn't long before we popped out into some low alpine vegetation with thick clouds creeping through the bushes. Looks like no view for us today. When we reached the summit area, we had lunch and hoped for weather to clear, but it didn't. After we were filled up on yummy food we started our descent back through the gorgeous valley, oohing and aahing at all the beautiful trees.

A short but very lovely day walk, and one I would recommend to anyone!

Nice little car-park.

Crossing over Mother Cummings Rivulet.

The old sign at the old car-park.

Brand spanking new bracket fungi.

Jason looking chuffed.

Coral fungi looking sweet.

Check out that amazing clear water!

So pretty.

There were a lot of picturesque waterfalls.

The valley we walked up.

The cloud was a bit too thick. Damn.

An amazing rock with a cairn on it!

Mountain Rocket seeds on the summit.

Worth two in the bush.

135 left.



  1. See you found some more orange coral fungi! Great river pics Zane! And what a hoot to go up with Jason :)

  2. Very nice water photos there Zane, good you got out and about with Jason in the mist!