Friday, 27 November 2015

Mt Arthur

26th November 2015

Mt Arthur

And so it begins... Ominous, right?
With my Dad, and brother, Daniel, we took the leisurely walk up our old stomping grounds of Mt Arthur (1188m) on a day when the weather gave us a bit of everything. Besides being a great way to start the Abels challenge; we had the goal of replacing the old, rusted, summit book container that my grandfather firmly lodged in the cairn some 30 years ago.

The walk starts though some lovely wet forest, with large gums, and dogwood covered in moss being the main trees you see. There are plenty of fallen trees, rotting away as time goes by and becoming a great place for all sorts of insects and fungi to grow. It has been nearly a year since I had gone up, and I remember there being quite a lot of trees across the track, but Dad had taken a stroll up a few weeks prior in the company of "Charley the Chainsaw" to clear some of the bigger obstacles. Good on ya, Pa! There was still lots of places for a cheeky little Echidna to snuffle around for ants though. What a cutie! There was plenty of wild flowers out doing their thing, some of the more stunning ones in the lower forest was the Tasmanian Waratah, but closer to the top there was some Scoparia in early bloom and kind of stole the show. A nice little sweet treat for us! As I said at the beginning, the weather was a bit of everything for us. We had cloudy cool weather to start in, gorgeous sunny skies while on the top, and the bit in-between was... Snowy. Good work Tassie! It was sago snow; not quite the soft, fluffy stuff that dreams are made of, but we did get a few big solid flakes here and there. And it was enough to cover the ground before the sun came out to melt it away again. When we go the the top we sat and enjoyed the view. We ate some Monte Carlos and watched the storm that had dumped snow on us head north-east and continue to paint the sky black as it was going. Then we started to extract the old log book box from the cairn, and put in a new one that Dad had made the other day. Another quick blast of cold weather before we headed back to the car. All in all, it was a wonderful start to this adventure!

Good sign.


Some neat-o fungus.

Tasmanian waratah.

Scoparia - sweet goodness in a prickly case.

Sleety/sago snow.

Dad and Daniel.

Brother time!

Summit cairn with a spanky new log book box.

157 left.