Friday, 23 October 2015


Hello one and all!

I have finally got the ball rolling and decided to make a blog site so I can keep people who want to be in the loop, in the loop. It is here that I will be sharing the stories, photos, and memories that I (and whoever comes with me) experience while out bushwalking in Tasmania.

I am still firmly in the planning stage, organising trip plans/notes, doing final gear prep, organising with work what kind of hours will fit in with my goals, and reading. Lots. I am keeping it all as open as possible, planning no more than how long each walk will take. This is so when I have time for a walk, I can just look at my list for an appropriate length walk, check where the weather is bangin' most in the state, whack some fuel in the car and food in the pack, and head off!

I figured that this level of planning is necessary, as I generally suck at formulating and sticking to plans, and prefer to just wing it, but a mountain at least every 3 days demands some kind of rough guide. So it satisfies my "not wanting to be a list writer" and time constraints nicely.

Summer is fast approaching, and I'm getting more and more excited as the days tick past! All I have to figure out is where to start? Southern Ranges? A nice stroll up on the plateau? Maybe a casual day walk around the Cradle Valley? Not sure... Back to the books!

Study time!

158 left.